If you are wondering what I’m doing for so long in Brazil, well, I’m trying new things. A lot of those. For a start, I spend some precious time, observing and taking photos of this guys! There is a couple of hawk living really near my home. They come to visit us since many years. They just seat in one araucaria tree and observe us, while we observe them.

There Brazilian name comes from Tupi language: karaka’rá, it means “scratch, tear with your nails”, what you can easily understand just by looking at them!



    Ils sont beaux.. et is se demandent ce que tu fais là, chez eux. D’habitude tu n’es pas là . Ils se sentent envahis et ils ont bien raison de te surveiller….

    • Totalement! Mais je crois qu’ils se souviennent de moi, ils étaient déjà là quand on est venu vivre ici! Hier j’ai vu un bébé mais il était trop rapide!

  2. Le Compagnon says:

    J’adore !! Dans l’araucaria ??

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